We are your single point of contact as we work with suppliers worldwide eliminating risk and ensuring a smooth process.
Комплексный ВЭД консалтинг от поиска поставщика до доставки товара вам на склад.
Main office located in Hong Kong, with additional offices in Austria and Russia. We work with clients all over the world.
We appreciate every customer
From small companies and entrepreneurs to large distributors and corporations.
Reliable partner
For logistics companies and customs brokers.
Your safety is our reputation
We operate in full compliance with all national and international laws ensuring full transparency to our clients. , We have all required licenses and prepare all documents you will need.
We focus on export and import consulting services for buyers and manufacturers of goods all over the world.
Over the past seven years we have established a wide network of partners and representatives in various businesses. Our company can solve any question connected with import and export deliveries all over the world.
Our clients:
We could mention a number of well-known companies, but:
We are confidential
We have signed non-disclosure agreement, so we do not disclose our clients.
We are recommended
We have grown our business by building strong client relationship and word of mouth.
We solve all the challenges your will company will face when entering the international market
We certainly have the answers to these and many other questions:
How to select a supplier and create an international contract?
How to choose the best delivery method and manage the terms?
How to clear the goods without risk of sanctions and seizures?
How to avoid headaches and delegate all tasks to one company?
Foreign economic activity consulting
- Analysis of the terms of foreign trade transactions.
Areas of our activity
- Conduct negotiations with foreign partners.
- Risk assessment and selection of safe solutions.
- Drafting international contracts.
Logistics Consulting
- Develop an optimal delivery route.
- Combined and container transportation.
- We work with all cargos.
- Optimize delivery terms.
Customs consulting
- Calculation and optimization of customs payments.
- Consulting on goods certification issues.
- Risk assessment and selection of safe solutions.
- Service for drafting international contracts.
Financial Consulting
- Advise on payment to foreign suppliers.
- Solving disputes with counterparties.
- Risk assessment in foreign exchange transactions.
- Advising on the financial aspects of foreign economic activity.
Didn't find what you need in the services? We can solve any problem!
Let's discuss your project!
We have described the typical services of foreign economic activity consulting, but often help our clients solve non-standard problems. Whatever your situation we will tailor a solution for you.
Describe your problem
We will consider an individual solution and discuss it with you.
Logistics companies and customs brokers
We assume all the risks with suppliers of goods for your customers.
Who would benefit from working with us
Mutually beneficial conditions for our partners
Entrepreneurs and small companies
You will not have to deal with customs issues and conclude dozens of contracts for small shipments. Ability to pay in rubles.
Convenient working processes for small businesses
Large companies and corporations
There is no need to maintain separate staff, conclude hundreds of contracts and produce documentation on foreign economic activity.
Special offer for large trading houses
Consulting services
The first consultation for free!
Consultation on foreign economic activity;
Advice on logistics and customs;
Consultations on financial and legal issues.
Tell us about your challenge, we will assess all the risks and choose the best solution for you.
Secure transactions between your company and your supplier in China.
In the event of litigation in China, it is extremely difficult to obtain a positive court ruling, or to sue in general, due to differences in legislation and language barriers.
Hong Kong is an Asian financial center, so Chinese law usually takes the side of the client company. Working with our company, you are 100% protected in China.
Obvious benefits of working with Chinese manufacturers through a company with an office in Hong Kong
Working through a partner with an office in Hong Kong will reduce your risks and ensure ease of delivery of goods from China.
Simplification of communications
Almost all Chinese manufacturers have offices in Hong Kong, which makes working with them much easier. In addition, Hong Kong is a free trade area, which has a positive impact on many financial and organizational aspects.
Financial security
Working through a single company in Hong Kong confidentiality is ensured as all your documentation is under a single contract. You eliminate spending years going through trial and error.
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Kowloon, Hong Kong
The addresses of our offices:
1080, Blindengasse 46/15
Vienna, Austria
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